October 4, 2009

glam pumpkins

How do you like these glam pumpkins that mama fabulous & I made?

We started with a bunch of pumpkins...the more imperfect, the better...

and sprayed them all with our favorite, Heirloom White...

until we had pretty white pumpkins.

Then we sat down with our pumpkins, german glass glitter in halloween colors and some simple, elmer's school glue...

and got to decorating.

We decided to use german glass glitter instead of traditional glitter.  It's tiny pieces of glass, available in course and fine grain.  It's much more sophisticated & glam then plain glitter. {Keep in mind though...if you do this project with kids then you'll want to use glitter instead.}  

Isn't this pretty?

Aren't those little pieces of glass so lovely?

I love how they turned out!

These glam pumpkins sure do make me happy...

What do you think?


  1. I love it! Great idea to do with my girls on Fall break! Thx for sharing!

  2. Oh sooo cute! I love pumpkins and I especially love glitter! I see a project forming!

  3. i absolutely love these and may need to try them out myself!!! thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. Those are too cute for words. It looks so easy but mine would never turn out as fabulous as yours. You and your mom are two creative ladies!

  5. Can't wait to do it myself. My daughter LOVES glitter projects!

  6. Simply smashing!!! LOVE them!

  7. I absolutely love them. My 14 yo daughter is having a Halloween party, and these will make perfect decorations! Thanks for sharing!

  8. yes, absolutely fabulous! a what a fun thing to share...

  9. Um...how 'bout you move to Nor Cal so I can glitter pumpkins with you! Seriously, I'm stealing this idea! I love all things sparkle - you should see my mantel!!

    PS - where did you find that glitter? I always use Martha Stewart's glitter but it gets pricey!

  10. Those are the PRETTIEST pumpkins I have ever seen! SEROUSLY! Thanks for sharing...you have inspired me!!

  11. Cute Idea! Pumpkins are totally my obsession this fall.

  12. Those are stunning!!! Thanks for sharing...where do you get your german glass glitter from? Those colors are perfect too.

  13. I, too, would like to know where you get your German glass glitter. These are beautiful, they remind me of the ones I made with Martha Stewart's fine glitter, but mine were solid. I love the designs on yours, great job!

  14. Beautiful and so inspiring. I changed my mind...I'm not carving one this year. I want one of these!



  15. SO cute! I love these. What a great idea! That glass glitter sounds great, I've never heard of it, but I must experiment.

  16. Ohhhhh SOO CUTE!!! What a fun idea!! I always love seeing all the fantastic things you come up with!!

  17. wow. you are talented. you seem like you have a great heart. Need more people with your creative side and lovely personality in the world!
    loveee your blog!!

  18. Amazingly creative. Fabulous. Love them! Wow! I bought my pumpkins last night!

    K - would you mind if I featured your creativity on my blog? Of course with a "live" link to your fab blog. I want to make sure I'm following proper etiquette! Is this okay? I'm so anxious for some of my friends to see this project!

    P.S. I'm still LOVING the pretty blog design you did for me!!!

  19. Wow I just found you and I'm HOOOOKED! Seriously, look at how fabulous you are!? I'm stealing this idea. Pronto! :)

    Thanks for sharing! Back to reading!


  20. great idea! I tried my hand at it today and mine didn't come out as gorgeous as yours...but next time, I promise to do better! It was pretty challenging for the glitter not to go everywhere. Thanks for the inspiration! I am posting this on my blog w/ link here for all the brave ones out there!

  21. Beyond fabulous! The best pumpkin idea I've seen in forever. (Discovered today on IHOD)


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